Help Shine a light on NZ’s domestic abuse

Help Shine a light on NZ’s domestic abuse

Underneath New Zealand’s image as a clean, green paradise lays a dark secret: we are one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to domestic violence.

Some sobering statistics*:

  •     Every 5 minutes NZ Police attend a domestic abuse incident 
  •     1 in 3 women experience physical and/or sexual abuse from a male (ex)partner in their lifetime 
  •     A woman is killed every 3.5 weeks by her partner or ex-partner 
  •     A child is killed every 5 weeks by a member of their own family 

And it gets worse: police estimate that reported domestic abuse represents only 10% of the true incidence.


Raising awareness

Westpac has been working with Shine, New Zealand’s largest non-profit organisation that helps people who’ve suffered from domestic abuse, create an online education portal that businesses can use to raise awareness of the issue with their employees.

It provides general information, details of support for anyone suffering from domestic violence, and information for anyone who’s a perpetrator of domestic violence.

Shine services

Every year, Shine directly helps thousands of adult and child victims of domestic abuse to be safer, and motivate hundreds of people that hurt their families to change their behaviour.

They help thousands more by supporting and training other professionals to effectively intervene and support victims of domestic abuse.

Find out more about Shine at



Domestic Violence in NZ


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