Identify & report a scam.

Learn how to spot a scam

Recognise a scam

Email scams or phishing is a fraudulent attempt by a third party to steal your personal information and is usually made through email. 

Protect yourself

Do not reply to the email, or click on any link that it contains. Make sure you update and perform an anti-virus scan and anti-spyware on your computer.

Tell us

If you believe you have received a Westpac related phishing email, forward the email to
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Next steps.

Let us know

If you believe you have received a phishing email, you can forward it to us.


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Things you should know.

Westpac’s General Terms and Conditions require you to, amongst other things, safeguard your Security Details, notify Westpac immediately of any security breach, and provide all relevant details of any fraudulent activity.