Deceased Estates

If you've recently suffered a loss, we understand that it can be a very difficult time. There are lots of things to sort out, such as the financial affairs of the person who has died - this is what we refer to as Deceased Estates Management.

At Westpac we have a dedicated Deceased Estates Management Team available to help you through the process of settling the financial affairs of a Westpac customer who's passed away. Our aim is to help remove the complications and make this experience as supportive and helpful as possible.

While it's not essential to deal with an Estate immediately after the person has died, we recommend that you let the bank know of the event as soon as possible. Then once you're ready, you can get back in touch with our team to start the Deceased Estates Management process.

  1. How to deal with an Estate

    We're here to help and have some handy information for you.

  2. Glossary of legal language and FAQs

    Our FAQs and glossary give you simple explanations of commonly used terms you may come across when dealing with Deceased Estates.

  3. Inheritance

    We're here to help with investment advice for your inheritance.

  4. Help is always at hand

    We've put together a list of other organisations and associations you may need to notify, and those that you can contact for help.

  5. Documents & Forms

    Here's a list of the forms you may need to fill out to administer the Estate of a Westpac customer.