Video tips

Our animated videos are a quick, fun way to learn more about the basics of managing money. The videos cover a range of topics including budgeting and saving, raising money-smart kids, and home loans.

  1. Saving and budgeting

    Need some budgeting tips? This video can help you figure out what you’re spending your money on, how to create a budget and set a savings goal.

  2. Buying your first home: how much can I afford?

    Before you start looking for your first home take a look at this video on tips to help you work out how much you can actually afford to spend.

  3. Buying your first home: fixed vs floating

    It makes sense to make sure you get the right loan for your circumstances. This video explains the key differences between fixed and floating interest rates.

  4. Choosing the right KiwiSaver fund

    There are multiple KiwiSaver fund options out there. Check out this video for help on choosing the right fund for you.

  5. Raising money-smart kids

    When’s the right time to start talking money with your kids? We answer this question and more in this video.