Managing Your Money Online Classes

We’ve introduced Managing Your Money online classes so you can learn how to manage your money from the comfort of your own home, no matter where in the country you are.

We're always adding more classes on different topics, so check back in regularly for updates.

Our online classes are generally run Tuesday's and Wednesday's, three times a day at 10am, 12.30pm, and 8pm.

Our topics range from:

- Spending and budgeting

- Understanding debt

- Preparing for the future: Kiwisaver and retirement

- Weathering the storms: planning for the unexpected

- Buying your first home

Head to our Facebook events page to see what classes we have coming up, and join in on the learning.  You do not need a Facebook account to access these sessions.  If you do not wish to register through Facebook, please email 

We use Microsoft Teams to run our sessions.  This is freely available to anyone.  If you're joining us on a smartphone or tablet you will need to download the free app.