WinTrade is a fast, efficient, and secure online system that delivers a comprehensive range of import and export cashflow solutions to support your business.

With a flexible and easy to use online platform, WinTrade has the potential to save you time and money through simple processes and online documentation for managing your international trade transactions. The platform is accessible on multiple browsers, as well as on mobile phones and tablets, so you can connect when you're away from the office. A range of reports and data export options provide insight into your trade business.

WinTrade enables you to securely manage your trade documentation. The system's functionality allows you to:

  • Establish, amend and pay Import Letters of Credit
  • Receive advice of Export Letters of Credit
  • Receive advice of Import Documentary Collections
  • Establish, view and negotiate Export Documentary Collections
  • Request, pre-pay or rollover Trade Finance
  • Provide payment instructions
  • View real-time transaction tracking
  • Create flexible output formats - HTML; PDF; XML
  • Obtain reporting with filtering and downloading capabilities
  • Get real-time email notification
  • Receive online payment notification
  • Manage your employee profiles in real time
  • Upload and view document images
  • Connect with the security of 256-bit encryption.

Help with WinTrade.

Learn more about WinTrade with our user guides and quick reference guides.

WinTrade user guides
The user guides provide step-by-step instructions on processing trade transactions in WinTrade. Click the links below to download the user guides.

Welcome to WinTrade

WinTrade Password Guide
Import Letters of Credit
Export Letters of Credit
Import Collections
Export Collections
Trade Finance
Corporate Administration
Glossary of Terms

WinTrade quick reference guides
The WinTrade quick reference guides show the key steps for processing a range of trade transactions. Click the links below to download the guides.

Import Letter of Credit quick reference guide
Export Letter of Credit quick reference guide
Import Collections quick reference guide
Export Collections quick reference guide
Trade Finance quick reference guide

WinTrade videos
These videos demonstrate the key processes for managing trade transactions in WinTrade.

Welcome to WinTrade
WinTrade Guide to Import Letters of Credit
WinTrade Guide to Export Letters of Credit
WinTrade Guide to Import Collections
WinTrade Guide to Trade Finance
WinTrade Guide to How to run Reports

Things you should know.

All applications for finance are subject to applicable lending criteria. No member of the Westpac Group accepts any liability for losses suffered as a result of conversion of currencies and any exchange risks from the conversion of currencies is the responsibility of the account/deposit holder.

WinTrade terms and conditions apply as well as any terms and conditions applicable to the products and services accessed via WinTrade.

Westpac WinTrade® is a registered trademark of Westpac Banking Corporation. International Trade Finance products are provided by Westpac Banking Corporation (acting through its New Zealand branch) ABN 33007457141, incorporated in Australia.