Commodities price risk management.

Manage your commodity price exposure with our simple or tailored 'over the counter' (OTC) hedging solutions and protect against, or capitalise on, volatile raw material price fluctuations.

At Westpac Institutional Bank, our global capabilities, local expertise and breadth of experience provide us with deeper insights to deliver value to our customers.

We have the ability to warehouse risk facilities, the provision of full-service commodity price risk management solutions to producers, traders and consumer alike.

We offer a variety of risk management products, from fixed versus average price swaps and bullet swaps, to option-based strategies such as cap and floor options and zero cost collars.

All strategies can be tailored to suit your time frame and currency exposure, so your risk is hedged effectively.

Certain commodities products are only available to some customers.

We specialise in:

  • Oil products
  • Precious and base metals
  • Agriculture.


We play a critical role in carbon trading and carbon market finance in Australasia.

We're the first and only institution making a market under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS).

Market-making for New Zealand carbon units (NZUs)

We all want better environmental outcomes. Here's what we do to help.

By market-making for New Zealand Carbon units (NZUs), we help New Zealand to meet its emission reduction targets at the lowest possible cost. Because we make the market, there's better liquidity of NZUs and more price transparency - so we are reducing costs for buyers and sellers across the market.

We offer a number of carbon products* including:

  • Carbon Spot
  • Carbon Forwards.

*Certain carbon products are only available to some customers.

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Craig Milne

Director of Commodities, Carbon and Energy

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