In most cases the answer is no, because all outgoing payments are processed BEFORE all incoming payments. So any deposits needed to cover planned payments need to be in your account on the previous business day.

Because your planned payment leaves your account at 7am on the planned payment date, the funds need to be in your account the previous business day to avoid a failed payment attempt. If the funds are due to arrive today or overnight tonight, then we recommend you set your planned payment to be processed on tomorrow's date.

Planned Bill Payments or One Time Payments:

  • Are processed after 7am on the planned payment date
  • Will only be made if the account has sufficient available funds
  • Are processed after planned transfers between your Westpac accounts have been processed, also after 7am.

Account deposits and electronic transfers from other banks are processed to your account half-hourly between 9:15am and 11:30pm each business day.

The exception to the rule is:
If the expected payment is a future-dated transfer between your Westpac accounts then it will take place before any other planned payments.

If you need further info about your payments and transfers, cut-off times for online transactions and insufficient funds for a planned payment you can contact us.