What changed?

New legislation required that we reduce some of the fees we charged retailers and other businesses for accepting credit payments. These fees help to pay for your Westpac hotpoints credit card rewards which is why we changed how you earn hotpoints.

New tiered earn rates.

Old earn rates
New tiered earn rates1

hotpoints® Mastercard®

hotpoints® Mastercard®

$1 spent = 1 hotpoint
up to a cap of $60,0002
$1 spent up to (and including) $3,500 = 1 hotpoint


$1 spent over $3,500 = 0.5 hotpoints2

hotpoints® Platinum Mastercard®

hotpoints® Platinum Mastercard®

$1 spent = 2 hotpoints
up to a cap of $60,0002
$1 spent up to (and including) $7,000 = 1.5 hotpoints


$1 spent over $7,000 = 1 hotpoint2

hotpoints® World Mastercard®

hotpoints® World Mastercard®

$1 spent = 3 hotpoints
up to a cap of $60,0002
$1 spent up to (and including) $15,000 = 2 hotpoints


$1 spent over $15,000 = 1 hotpoint2

These changes took effect automatically on 1 February 2023. At the start of each calendar month, the earn rate tiers will reset. 

We did not make any changes to the earn rate of the Westpac BusinessPLUS Mastercard®.


Continue enjoying your hotpoints.

hotpoints online store

Redeem hotpoints for a wide range of products, gift cards and eCards, on the hotpoints website. 

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Donate to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter

You can donate your hotpoints to the Westpac Choppers in your local region.

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Convert your hotpoints into contributions towards an existing Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme3 account – either your own, or someone else’s.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Things you should know.

1 hotpoints will be earned at the tiered rates specified and published by us from time to time on our website at westpac.co.nz/hotpoints.  Hotpoints earn rates and tiers are subject to change.

2 Certain purchases and transactions do not earn hotpoints (see the applicable Credit Card Conditions of Use for full details), including: fees, charges or interest, balance transfers, tax payments (including local council rates and ACC Levies), gambling chips or gambling transactions (including online gambling), cash withdrawals from your account, money orders, travellers cheques and foreign currencies in cash, business-related purchases made with a hotpoints Mastercard other than a BusinessPLUS Mastercard and transactions on any nominated account(s) linked to your hotpoints Mastercard. 

3 BT Funds Management (NZ) Limited is the scheme provider, and Westpac New Zealand Limited is the distributor, of the Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme.

hotpoints® is a registered trademark of Westpac Banking Corporation.

Mastercard® is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.