What is business innovation?

We believe business innovation is about introducing new ideas, creatively improving your services or products, and adopting the right technology.

Innovation should drive improved efficiency, streamline processes, raise outputs, and boost your profitability and brand value.

Westpac SMARTS video: Why businesses need to be digitally savvy.

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We chat to tech entrepreneur Claudia Batten and Stuart Dillon-Roberts, General Manager at Digital Journeys, shares insights about getting the most out of digital tools.
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How to encourage innovation.

Our guide to thinking more creatively and facilitating a culture of innovation in your business.

Digital marketing.

You know innovative digital promotion is really important, but it can sometimes feel like a minefield. Our guide covers the basics, including social media, building a website, and search optimisation (SEO).

Westpac SMARTS video: How to succeed in a digital world.

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Not only do retailers have to contend with the demands of increasingly savvy consumers, but they face competition from local and global entrants, supply chain challenges and constant change in digital technologies.
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Cybersecurity and protecting your business.

Fraud and scams are rife these days, especially for internet connected devices and services. Discover ways you can protect your business and employees from malicious behaviour.

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