• Manage your cashflow with confidence.
  • Know extra money is available if you need it.
  • Repay money when it best suits you.

Business overdraft features.

Access to funds

You can access your overdraft funds like other money in your account - using online banking, ATMs, phone banking or at any Westpac branch. 

Flexible repayments

No fixed monthly repayments - you have total flexibility. 

Agreed limits

Your limit will be reviewed regularly to ensure it's working for your business. Your minimum limit is $500 and the maximum is subject to bank's credit lending criteria1.

Temporary extensions

Apply for a temporary extension if you need it.

Reduce your overdraft

You can arrange for your overdraft to be reduced at any time. 

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How an overdraft works.

An overdraft is a loan with an agreed limit that you can access at any time. It allows you to get hold of extra money to help when you need it. It does accrue interest. 

Interest & fees.


Interest is calculated daily on any overdraft funds used and charged on the last day of the month and rates are subject to change.

  • The interest rate for Westpac business overdrafts depends on your individual circumstances and the amount of your overdraft limit. We can confirm your overdraft interest rate at the time you apply.
  • If you go over your arranged limit, we will not be charging you an excess interest rate. A lack of an excess interest rate is not an approval for you to exceed your overdraft facility limit and you should contact us if you wish to increase your limit.
  • If you become overdrawn without an arranged limit, the interest rate charged on the overdrawn amount is 19.95% p.a. (calculated on a daily basis). An unarranged overdraft fee of $9 per month will also be charged.

Apply for an overdraft.

It's easy to apply online for a business overdraft. To be eligible you must be a registered New Zealand business and be acting on behalf of that business, as a sole trader or director. You will also need access to your business financial information.

Things you should know.

Depending on the amount of your overdraft, you might need to provide some security, such as residential property, commercial property or business assets.

Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services. See the Business transaction and service fees brochure for more details.

Lending criteria applies to all applications for finance.

Business Lending products are only available for business and/or investment purposes and not for personal, domestic or household purposes.