Westpac WinTrade® provides a secure online environment for managing and tracking your international trade transactions. It’s flexible, easy-to-use and will save you time and money. 


You can use WinTrade wherever you have access to the internet with Microsoft® Internet Explorer (version 6 or above). It offers simple and efficient document preparation with the opportunity to interface with your back office system.

There is no set-up cost or service fee and you can appoint a team member as the WinTrade Corporate Administrator .

With WinTrade you can:
  • set-up online payment instructions for your export collections 
  • receive online payment notification for your export documentary collections and negotiations 
  • make hassle-free online requests and repayment for Trade Finance for cash flow management 
  • create a full range of online real-time reports with filtering capabilities - useful for information management.
WinTrade gives you the ability to:
  • integrate imaging and workflow of trade transactions 
  • get real-time tracking and notification of trade transactions via email 
  • establish, amend, accept and pay at Sight or at Term your Import Documentary Credits 
  • accept and pay at Sight or at Term your Import Documentary Collections online.
WinTrade security aspects include:
  • strong 128-bit secure encryption technology 
  • entering your WinTrade password using your mouse so your keystrokes can’t be followed 
  • having new WinTrade user requests authorised by and sent to Westpac for set-up 
  • having your WinTrade Corporate Administrator control and review user passwords and profiles 
  • automatically signing out users after 30 minutes of inactivity