Online banking solutions

With a great range of online banking solutions for your business, you can have greater control over how you manage your money.     

  1. Business Online Banking

    Our Business Online service is designed to streamline your banking and provide greater control.

  2. Online Banking

    Stay up to date with your bank accounts 24/7. Online Banking is simple to set up and use, and can even save you money.

  3. Corporate Online Banking

    A suite of online transactional services for corporates, government bodies and large organisations.

  4. Compare online solutions

    Use our handy comparison table to find the online banking solution that's right for your business.

  5. Safety & security online

    If you’re banking online, good security is essential. Learn more about our online banking security.

  6. DeskBank

    DeskBank is a Windows-based Software Package installed on your PC or network and is offered to solicitors. DeskBank offers the Multi-Deposit Scheme (MDS) which helps solicitors manage funds on behalf of their clients. DeskBank also has the capability for same-day transfer of settlement funds to most NZ bank accounts.