Supply chain finance solutions

To help meet your business financial goals, we offer tailored solutions that reduce risk, fund inventory, free up working capital and create financial stability across your supply chain. 

Trade Receivables Finance

Fund and manage your cross border receivables and gain access to your future cash flow with Westpac Trade Receivables Finance.

  • Bring cash flow forward from trade activities
  • Mitigate export risks
  • Help reduce funding costs and finance expenses

Specialised Inventory Finance

Inventory financing is suitable for commodities which are highly marketable and have published pricing to facilitate market-to-market revaluations. Financing is structured through sale and purchase arrangements where a corporate entity (or its supplier) transfers the inventory title to Westpac for a specific period of time in return for cash. On the maturity date, Westpac transfers the inventory title back to the customer, or to a third party purchaser.