Corporate & Structured Finance

Current markets demand innovative debt financing solutions. No matter what the challenge, our experience, expertise and global distribution network allows us to develop funding solutions that suit our clients.

Our innovative end-to-end debt solutions include:

Asset Finance & Leasing

The Westpac group is a leading equipment financier in both New Zealand and Australia with a portfolio of over NZD$11 billion across Australasia.

Westpac offers leasing solutions on a wide range of plant and equipment whereby Westpac provides both the funding and assumes the residual value risk. These assets include:

  • Motor vehicle fleets
  • Information technology
  • Construction machinery (yellow goods)
  • Medical equipment
  • Truck fleets
  • Buses
  • Rolling stock
  • Waste management
  • Energy related assets

Energy Efficient Leasing

  • Westpac’s energy efficient leasing product can be used to fund our customers’ energy efficiency projects, helping to reduce their energy costs and carbon outputs.
  • The capital cost of equipment upgrades such as building management systems, refrigeration, heat recovery systems and electric vehicles can be leased rather than purchased outright so that lease outgoings align with energy cost savings achieved.

Loan Product

  • Westpac has a team of specialists who are available to structure creative debt solutions for clients. 
  • Westpac is a market leading arranger and an underwriting bank for loan product across a range of sectors, including Australasian syndicated loans,

Australasian acquisition finance and Australasian project finance.

Westpac has the knowledge and resources to deliver quick and effective solutions for clients across the following product areas:

  • Bilateral, club and syndicated loans
  • Bridge and standby facilities
  • Project finance for greenfields and brownfields projects 
  • Leveraged and acquisition finance to support financial sponsor transactions


  • The Westpac group is a leader in securitisation and consistently ranks at the top of the securitisation league tables across Australasia.
  • Our team has a broad mandate and we enjoy the challenge of adapting securitisation methods to solve the funding needs of our customers, either through the capital markets or facilities provided by Westpac. 
  • We welcome you to discuss your financing requirements in not only traditional securitisation asset classes, but other cashflow generating assets. Potential asset classes include:
          • Residential mortgages – prime/non-conforming
          • Commercial mortgages (CMBS)
          • Covered bonds
          • Trade receivables
          • Auto loan/lease receivables
          • Equipment lease receivables
          • Floorplan receivables
          • Credit card receivables
          • Personal loans

To discuss how we can help your business, please contact:

Rod Smith
Head of Corporate and Structured Finance
(09) 352 0836