Contributing to our communities

With a 154 year history, 1.34 million customers and 5,073 employees in New Zealand, it is important to us that we make a positive difference to our communities. 2015 saw us invest $5.67 million into local community initiatives and make a difference where it counts. Our focus is on inspiring and empowering our people and our community partners to help New Zealand prosper and grow. 

  1. Providing help when it's needed most

    From helping save lives by partnering with Westpac Rescue Helicopters, supporting our most vulnerable children through tailored programmes and becoming New Zealand’s first dementia friendly bank, we are committed to helping people when they need it the most.

  2. Making a difference locally

    Helping strengthen local communities is a role we take very seriously. We actively contribute to communities around New Zealand through a wide range of initiatives.

  3. Inspiring leadership

    Key to effective leadership is the ability to inspire others. This is why we showcase examples of great leadership, as we want to encourage those qualities in all New Zealanders. We have some fantastic partners and initiatives that help us do this.