Apply for the programme

You might imagine that working at a bank means being stuck in a dull and unfriendly office space. But that’s not the case at Westpac New Zealand. We believe that work is not a place that you go; it's something that you do and achieve.

Where the action happens

Our workplaces are designed using the 'agile working' principle, providing a choice of workspaces for different activities, helping our people to be mobile and flexible.

Our offices, include state-of-the-art facilities designed to inspire collaboration and innovation.

If you are ready to apply for an exciting spot on the Westpac Graduate programme, login into our career website and set up a profile ready to hit submit when the Graduate programme is live.

Your vision could become a reality

If you complete your studies in 2018 with eligibility to graduate in 2019, then being part of our Grad programme could become a reality.

Here is some expert advice on helping with your application.Understand our company and be clear about your reasons for applying to Westpac:

  • Do your research before you apply and be sure Westpac is somewhere that aligns with your vision
  • Apply early, this takes the pressure away from having to meet application deadlines.
  • Be honest in your application and be confident to sell yourself!
  • Have an appropriate and professional email address and voicemail message and make sure you regularly check your voicemail and emails
  • Take your time and double check your application before you submit.
  • And finally…Good luck!

Process to apply

Step 1: Your application

  • Complete all required fields and ensure you attach your resume and academic transcript (Unofficial transcript is fine also)
  • Your resume represents your qualifications, experience and interest - make sure you cover off;
      • Your personal details: Your full name, preferred name, location and contact details
      • Your career objective covering a short explanation about your career goals
      • Your education including qualifications, institution, dates of study, majors and academic average
      • Your previous work experience including industry or non-industry related
      • Extracurricular activities: We want to know about you; whether its sporting, volunteering, social, community or university engagement
      • Your skills: Include any technical skills you have gained

Step 2: Online Assessment:

Online testing helps us to determine your alignment to our values and suitability for the role. It will take approximately 30minutes to complete; the test is a:

  • Values based assessment – assesses individual characteristics and work situations related to employee honesty and reliability

Don’t worry, the assessment may sound scary but it’s not pass or fail, we are looking for the candidates that best fit within our organisation and our programme. It’s important to really understand what Westpac stands for.

Step 3: Video Interview

This is really your chance to shine, allow us to get to know you better and show off your personality! We appreciate video interviews are quite daunting and something you may have never done before so here’s a few tips!

  • Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Check your background, lighting and camera angle.
  • You will also have some time to read the question and prepare before you hit record.
  • Don’t panic you will get a practice run to test your mic and camera.
  • Treat it as a formal interview so prepare, research and appear professional.
  • Be conscious of posture and body language.
  • Video interviews are not live but be prepared that you cannot pause, stop or restart the interview.

Step 4: Interview

If you are successful to progress to this stage, an interview with the business will be involved. Remember this is just as much your opportunity to meet us, as much as our opportunity to get to know you. If you have any questions about the programme, this is a great time to ask.

Step 5: The Decision

The exciting part! After the interview, you will receive a call and hopefully we can share with you the great news. If you decide (like us) that your future is with Westpac then we will require you to accept the offer within seven days.

  • If you are still in the recruitment process or have received an offer with another organisation, that’s ok with us but please be transparent and we will try to accommodate your situation.
  • If you are unsure about your offer, please give one of the grad recruiters a call, we are more than happy to talk this through with you and provide further information if you need it.
  • If you accept, you will be also required to complete a background check and provide the details of two referees we can contact.