Zombie Cash-tastrophe

Zombie Cash-tastrophe is a board game centred around surviving a zombie apocalypse. You’ll need to save up your ‘zollars’ to escape the zombie hordes, by catching a helicopter ride to Stewart Island. As well as saving, you’ll need to cover the basic costs of living such as food, water and shelter and decide whether you want to purchase added protection e.g. a Zombie Survival Kit.

The game has been designed for ages 12 and up to create a fun way to explain fundamental financial concepts and help develop the skills and knowledge that will enable young people to make better financial decisions throughout their lives.

Since 2015, our people have been out and about running the game with over 1,100 high school students.

If you’re keen to have the game run for your students/group, please fill in the interest form and we can arrange for a Westpac facilitator to come and see you. We’ve also made the game available for anyone to download and play.

Download the game pack (English)

Download the player pack (English)

Download the game pack (te reo Maori)

Download the player pack (te reo Maori)

Printing instructions:

  • You'll need one game pack per six players.
  • You’ll need one player pack per person (up to six players per game).
  • Enable double sided printing and select 'flip on short edge'.

If you are wanting to facilitate this game for your classroom, children, community group, please contact us to get a copy of the facilitator guide.

We also have games available for younger ages - check them out here.

For any feedback or questions, please contact managingyourmoney@westpac.co.nz