Primary School Games

Learning about money doesn’t have to be serious – check out the games we have available for younger children. These are a fun way to get kids thinking about money and developing the skills and knowledge that can help them make better financial decisions throughout their lives. 

High Flyer coverHigh Flyer (Ages 5-7)

Roll the dice to move your piece along the pathway to Harry the Helicopter!

This game teaches young children about how we can spend or earn money, and what impact spend and earning has on reaching your end goal.

Download High Flyer board game

Cash Explore cover

Cash & Explore (Ages 8-12)

Cash & Explore teaches older children about making trade-offs, interest and the impact of external events on your finances. Players must choose between purchasing smaller items and saving up for the bigger end goal.

Download Cash & Explore board game

If you’re keen to have either of these games run for your students/group, please fill in the interest form and we can arrange for a Westpac facilitator to come and see you. We’ve also made the games available for anyone to download and play.

Printing instructions:

  • You’ll need to print one board for 2-6 players
  • Enable double sided printing and select 'flip on short edge'.
  • Don’t forget any extra items required for the game such as dice, player pieces and prizes.

 If you’re after something for high school students (or adults wanting something a bit fun!) – check out our Zombie Cash-tastrophe board game.

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