Term investments

$5,000 or more to invest? Rely on the certainty of a competitive rate and fixed return. For an even better return, you can also split your term investment.

Early withdrawal: With term investments of a year or more, you may be able to make one withdrawal of up to 20% of your invested amount, with no loss of return. See our Early Withdrawal Policy for details.

  1. interest rate increase

    Term Deposit

    Know exactly how your money will perform. Deposit a lump sum for a fixed term, and receive a fixed rate of interest.

  2. piggybank tax

    Term PIE

    As dependable as a term deposit, a Term PIE investment has all the same advantages, plus one important extra: you could pay less tax.

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    How can I split my Term Investment?

    Work out how you can get an even better overall return by splitting your term investment across a range of different maturity periods.