Investment options

Take a look at our range of investment services. We can help you find the right investment solution and secure a better financial future.

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    Westpac Active Series

    The Westpac Active Series is a range of unit trusts that make it easy for you to invest, each with a sophisticated investment strategy.

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    Transact Direct

    Our simple to use information only investment service gives you independent access to a world of investment opportunities and market information.

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    Wrap Services

    Our Wrap Service provides a streamlined, cost efficient administration and investment service for affluent and high net worth individuals, trusts and charitable organisations with a larger portion of assets to invest.

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    Corporate Bond Fund

    A PIE fund that invests in a range of New Zealand fixed interest securities issued by corporate entities.

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    Westpac Premium Investment Funds

    Six investment funds designed to provide investors with a diversified investment option for each asset class.