In some instances additional actions are required before the account can be fully utilised. These accounts are referred to as restricted. The necessary actions will be clearly outlined when you open the account in Westpac One®.

While an account is in a restricted state, deposits can be accepted, however, no other actions are permitted until the outstanding actions required to fully activate the account have been completed. If an account hasn't been authorised within 30 days a letter will be sent to the person who opened the account. If after another 30 days the account is still unauthorised it will be closed.

Restrictions on accounts

There are two situations where accounts may be 'restricted':

  • We don't have any current identification on file for you - e.g. the drivers licence details you used previously have expired, or if you used an overseas form of identification - you will need to send us a certified copy each year as part of the Financial Transactions Reporting Act
  • For joint accounts, authorisation of the new account is required by the other account holders.

Joint account holders

Joint account holders can authorise a new account by:

  • Going through Westpac One. When each account owner logs into their Westpac One, they will see any other outstanding actions required to remove the account from its restricted state
  • Visiting your local Westpac branch
  • Calling 0800 400 600 (7am - 11pm, 7 days a week) and we'll do it over the phone for you.