Like an EFTPOS card, a debit card links to one of your transaction accounts - so when you use it, you're spending money that's in your account.

And a debit card has some other added benefits: you can use it online, over the phone and overseas - anywhere you can use a credit card. All of our debit cards also come with the added protection of CardGuard®1.

Finally, having a debit card gives you the option of our Airpoints™ Debit Mastercard®, where you'll earn Airpoints on your everyday purchases2.

Things you should know.

1 CardGuard offers 24/7 protection from fraudulent activity provided you notify us as soon as possible, have not acted fraudulently or negligently and have complied with the card's Conditions of Use.

2 Eligible purchases exclude cash withdrawals, payments for cash-equivalents (such as travellers' cheques, money orders and gambling chips) and business-related purchases. See the Debit Card Conditions of Use for full details of all excluded transactions.