To open a bank account with us:

  • Visit any one of our branches
  • Bring your New Zealand or overseas passport as proof of identification.
    Your passport must be signed.
    Please also bring a letter from Immigration New Zealand if you hold a visa to study, work or stay in New Zealand and it’s not already attached to your passport.
  • Bring proof of New Zealand address documentation.

What can I use as proof of address?

If you need to prove your address, such as when opening an account, an original of any one of the following items is fine. Remember it must show both your name and your address:

  • A recent bill from the company who supplies your power, gas, water, phone or internet services
  • Council rates notice
  • A statement from any bank
  • Insurance policy document
  • A letter from the Electoral Office
  • Travel itinerary
  • Anything from a government agency that includes your name, address and a unique reference ID (such as IRD number, Client File Number or Tenancy Bond reference number)
  • Property Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Unexpired Rental or Tenancy Agreement.

If you're proving the address of a child, you can also use any of the above with your own name on it. If you've recently moved to NZ and are staying with a friend/family, please provide a letter from them, along with any of the above with their name on it.

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