All Bill Payments to another Westpac account will occur immediately - 365 days a year.

If it's a national public holiday or a weekend, the transaction will still be deducted from your account, but the transaction won't be processed to the recipients account until the evening of the next business day.

So long as you have enough funds in your account we will:

  • Show the payment as being paid and adjust your balance accordingly
  • Hold the money until the next business day when full processing will take place.

Please note: you will continue to receive interest on these funds until the payment is processed on the next business day.

For Automatic Payments:

Automatic Payments can't be set up for a weekend date, but if the payment date falls on a public holiday then it'll be processed on either the business day before, or after, the public holiday in accordance with your instruction when setting up the AP.

For more information regarding payments made to credit cards, please click here.