Your card must be able to make a successful purchase first, before hotpoints Pay will work. If your purchase will take your card over its limit, your purchase will be declined and hotpoints Pay won't work.

While we want our customers to have the flexibility to use their hotpoints in a way that suits them, we are mindful of our obligations as a responsible lender and want to ensure a positive outcome. You can still redeem for other reward options, such as Gift Cards or merchandise, which don't require the use of your credit card.

hotpoints Pay® terms apply. You need at least 667 hotpoints® to use hotpoints Pay, which equals $3. Only a hotpoints Mastercard® (or linked Payment Instrument) can be used for hotpoints Pay. Once activated, the next eligible transaction made on your card will use your hotpoints (up to the hotpoints Pay value) and a credit for that dollar amount will appear on your account within the next two business days. See the Conditions of Use for your card for further details.