It is easy to pay your credit card in Westpac One® online banking. There are two options; you can either transfer a payment or set up a bill or automatic payment. 

Transfer payment  

To pay your monthly credit card bill or transfer funds into the account 

  1. From the accounts screen, click on the credit card you want to pay 
  2. Select 'Bill details' tab 
  3. Click 'Pay this bill' 
  4. Select the account you want to pay from  
  5. Choose the amount you want to pay: the minimum, card balance, overdue amount from the previous statement, or a custom amount (options only show if applicable)
  6. Enter the date 
  7. Click 'Continue' 
  8. Check the details are correct and click 'Confirm transfer'. 


  1. Once logged in, select 'Pay & Transfer'  
  2. Select the account you wish to transfer from 
  3. Select the credit card you want to transfer to 
  4. Add the amount  
  5. The date will default to the current date, select the date field if you want to change it 
  6. Click 'Continue'. 

Bill payment or automatic payment 

A Bill payment can be used to pay Westpac credit cards not loaded on your Westpac One profile.

An Automatic payment can be used to make recurring fixed amount payments to Westpac credit cards.

 The information you'll need: 

  • Our transfer account name: Westpac Mastercard Payments 
  • Our Card Payments account number: 03 0990 0998907 82 
  • The 16 digit credit card number 
  • The cardholder's surname and initials. 

 In Westpac One: 

  1. Select 'Pay & Transfer' 
  2. Select the account you wish to pay from 
  3. Select 'New or Overseas'  
  4. Enter 'Westpac Mastercard Payments' in the 'Their name' search field. Select 'Show matching payees' and select the payee from the dropdown list 
  5. Enter the reference details as shown: 
    Particulars: First eight digits of the card number 5436 7800 
    Code: Last eight digits of the card number 1234 5678 
    Reference: Cardholders surname and initials Bloggs J O 
  6. Add the amount for the transaction 
  7. If the payment is not intended for today's date, select the date field to define the payment date
  8. To make the payment an Automatic Payment, in the 'Repeat payment' field select the payment Frequency
  9. Check the details are correct and click 'Confirm payment'. 

Note: Bill payments and Automatic payments can be made to Westpac credit cards from other NZ banks' online banking using the same details as in steps 4 and 5 above.

Conditions of Use for the applicable card apply.