Your tax certificate shows the credit interest and tax paid on all of your accounts that meet our minimum criteria of $20.00 interest paid during the tax year.

If you use Westpac One®, you can find and download your Tax Certificate by clicking on your 'Profile' (top right) and selecting the 'Tax Certificates' option for accounts in your name.

  • Tax Certificates for Organisation accounts aren't available via your personal Westpac One login (they are available if you have a login in your Organisation's name)
  • Tax Certificates for accounts you are a signatory on but are not the account owner also aren't available.

Your Tax Certificate will generally be available by the end of April each year.

If you haven't received your tax certificate or need a certificate for an account that earned less than $20.00 of interest, please contact us. Just contact us, or pop into your nearest branch.