Tax Certificates are produced for customers who have earned credit interest in the last tax year and are available to download through Westpac One® online banking You can access certificates for accounts that you are the owner of (i.e. accounts in your name). Here's how:   

  1. Login to Westpac One® online banking 
  2. Select 'Profile' (top right on a computer and on the App under the bottom right menu)
  3. Under Profile, select 'Tax Certificates' at the bottom of the menu 
  4. In the drop down for 'Year ended' choose which financial year you want to view the tax certificate for 
  5. Select the document  
  6. Select the download button to save or print the document.  

 Please note: 

  • Tax Certificates for Organisation accounts are not available via your personal Westpac One login (they are available if you have a login in your Organisation's name) 
  • Tax Certificates for accounts you are a signatory on but are not the account owner also are not available.