You may cancel or suspend a direct debit by calling us on 0800 Westpac (0800 937 8722), from weekdays 7am to 8pm and weekends 8am to 5pm, or by visiting any Westpac branch. If you're outside New Zealand, call us on +64 9 912 8000 (standard call charges will apply) or by notifying any Westpac branch. You are responsible for telling the organisation your direct debit was being paid to about the cancellation, and you need to do this so they can update their billing system.

When you set up a direct debit, you agree to give the organisation you are paying authority to take money directly from your bank account. Alternatively, you could set them up as a bill payee in Online Banking and schedule their payment for a date that's most convenient for you.

To register for Online Banking, call us on 0800 400 600, Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 5pm. Or on +64 9 912 8000 if you're outside New Zealand (standard call charges will apply).

Any queries regarding statement information of your direct debit (payee, code, reference), or account that your direct debit is paid from, should be made to the organisation receiving the payment, not to Westpac. Unfortunately, we can't change direct debit details for you, as that whole process is run from the billing company.