You can pay up to 25 saved payees from one account at the same time; you can even pay them on different dates and amend the reference details as you go.  

  1. Select 'Pay & Transfer' 
  2. Select the account you wish to pay 'From'
  3. Select the 'To' account and select 'Payees 
  4. Switch the 'Pay multiple payees' switch at the top of the list to 'On' 
  5. Click the tick box for the payees you want to make a payment to and scroll to the bottom and select 'Done' 
  6. For each payee, enter the amount and date for the paymentTo change the reference details, select the pencil next to the details 
  7. Click 'Continue' 
  8. Check the details are correct and click 'Confirm'. 

Download the guide: How can I pay multiple payees at once?