Your Customer ID is considered registered on a mobile device if the app has any of the quick access features enabled. These are PIN, Touch and Face ID, quick accounts, or quick transfer. That mobile device will then appear on the Manage Devices list in the app. 

To remove quick access from a mobile device:

  1. Login to the Westpac One® app on your device 
  2. Open the bottom right menu  
  3. Select 'Settings'  
  4. Select 'Manage devices'  
  5. Identify the device you want to remove  
    • For iPhone, swipe left, tap the rubbish bin and tap 'Remove' to confirm delete  
    • For Android, tap on the rubbish bin, and tap 'Remove' to confirm delete 
  6. The registered mobile phone number (regardless of which device has been removed) will receive a text message confirming the successful removal.  

If the Westpac One app is removed from a device, it will no longer have customer data registered to it. To log back into an account, the user will need to enter their full Customer ID/username and password.