It depends on how the deposit was made. The time it takes for a deposit to show in your account depends on where it was deposited and what type of payment was used.

  • If you have banked a cheque, it can take up to 3 business days to appear into your account
  • Cash deposits made at Westpac branch counters, smart ATMs and Westpac to Westpac transfers should appear in your account immediately
  • If it's over a weekend or public holiday, the payment should be received on the next business day
  • Transfers from other banks depend on the other banks processing policy. Once the bank lets us know there is money to go into an account, the money will appear within 1-2 hours in the Westpac account
  • Some standard ATM deposits in smaller towns and centres, may take longer to be cleared
  • Payments made after 10pm, will only be processed the next business day.