The same zero liability rules apply as for your physical card. If your Westpac credit or debit card is lost or stolen, you won't be held responsible for any fraudulent transactions provided you notify us as soon as possible, have not acted fraudulently or negligently, and have complied with the card's Conditions of Use. The same applies if you advise us that you think someone knows your PIN. Of course, you still have to follow these common sense rules:

  • Always keep your card safe and never disclose your PIN to anyone
  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent other people finding out your PIN - don't write it down, keep it with your card or store it in a form that makes it easy to spot as your PIN
  • Pick a PIN that's unique to you and not easily guessed by anyone else
  • Take reasonable care to stop others seeing your PIN when you type it. For full details, see the "Liabilities" section of the Conditions of Use for your card.