Get Paid app - Use it anywhere, use it now!

Get Paid is a handy new app from Westpac that makes it faster and easier for your business to take payments from customers, helping you manage your cash-flow. 

Whether you’d like to take a credit card payment over the phone or email a payment request with a link to a secure online payments page, the Get Paid app is a safe and simple tool for your business, and includes a number of smart features:

  • Business keeps you busy, but the Get Paid app enables your business to accept credit card payments on the go using a smartphone when your customers are not there in front of you. No need to wait until you return to the office.
  • In addition to a smartphone, no extra hardware or plug-in devices are required. 
  • The app is free and there’s no monthly minimum fee - simply pay for each transaction as you go.
Key features

Accept Payments

  • Process a payment online in real time by entering the customer’s credit card details.
  • You can also refund a transaction that’s already been processed.


Email request for payment

  • If you’d prefer, you can email a request for payment to your customer using the app.
  • Once the email is received there are a number of ways the customer can pay – via a secure hosted payments page, by direct credit into your bank account, or by calling you to process the payment using their credit card details.
  • If you have business terms of trade to include, you can attach them to your invoice too.

Customer & Transaction Management

  • Securely store a list of your customers’ details.
  • View the last 100 transactions processed on your device.
  • Access the Get Paid merchant admin web portal to view a greater transaction history, download transaction reports or export to your accounting software.



  • The Get Paid app has been tested to ensure it meets Westpac’s security standards.
  • No credit card information is stored on your device.
  • Transactions are processed in accordance with all other required industry security standards

Q. Who is the Get Paid app suitable for?

The app is suitable for your business if you:

  • want to accept credit card payments on the go
  • currently take payments over the phone, via email or online but typically send out an invoice and want to speed up the time it takes to get paid
  • want to offer flexible payment options to your customers
  • don’t like the hassle of accepting cheque and cash payments

Q. What does it cost?

This is a pay as you go solution which means you only pay for what you use – the fee per transaction is 3.10%. You’ll also benefit from:

  • No Westpac cost to download the app.
  • No minimum monthly fee.
  • No third party costs. 

Q. What if I have employees, can the Get Paid app have more than one user?

Yes, you can have multiple users (up to 5) under the same account. The App has been designed for sole-traders and businesses with employees alike, so long as you are an approved Get Paid merchant, you can set your employees up to accept payments too.

Q. What hardware and software do I need to use Get Paid?

You can use the Get Paid app on iOS devices and Android Phones, in portrait orientation. The minimum Operating system (OS) required for use is Android 2.2, or iOS 5.0.

We recommend you always adhere to manufacturer’s software and support to ensure your mobile devices are covered by the latest software and security updates. If you’re connecting via Wi-Fi, we recommend you use a trusted network.