Accept cards online

Capture the ever-growing online sales market with an online payment solution tailored to your business needs. Get set up to accept credit and debit card transactions on your website, process payments received by phone and mail order, or process a large number of transactions at the same time.

Three online-based ways to accept payments

The simplest way to begin accepting online payments is with a hosted e-commerce page. If you’d like additional functionality, you can add other options such as the ability to process payments by phone, or a batch system for processing many card payments at the same time.  Westpac supports a number of vendors who can supply you with this capability such as Payment Express and Paystation.

Hosted e-commerce page integrated with your website

With a hosted e-commerce page integrated into your website, your customers are seamlessly directed to the hosted page to pay for their purchase, then redirected back to your site once payment is complete. The payment page has all the essential security features built in, with no development needed on your end.

• No need to host, add software or develop your own payments page on your site.
• Sensitive card data is processed and protected on the payments page, which is compliant with the Payment industry Security Standards (PCIDSS).
• Internet authorisation is automatic.
• An optional virtual terminal webpage gives you the ability to process payments you've received over the phone too.

Virtual terminal payment processing

When your customers want to purchase something, and send their order to you over the phone, having a web-based virtual terminal lets you process and keep track of the transactions.

• Use it alone or in conjunction with a hosted payments page.
• You'll receive immediate confirmation of transactions.
• View, download or export transaction reports.
• You have the option to include recurring payments – useful for your customers who you regularly accept card payments from.

Batch processing for high volume payments

If you’re receiving large numbers of sales at once through online card payments, you may like to upgrade your system to batch processing.

• Card information encryption - which is replaced with a token for security.
• View, download or export transaction reports.
• Use it alone or in conjunction with a hosted payments page and/or virtual terminal
• You can include recurring payments

FAQ card payments online

Fill out the enquiry form or call 0800 888 066, and we’ll get in touch to chat through which online payment solution will be the most effective for your business.

Once we have all the required information about your business we can process your request within 10 business days.

When you use a hosted merchant facility, the collection, transmission and processing of card data is performed by your gateway provider. The benefit of this type of solution is that your payment provider is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS). This helps with the security of payment information between you and your customer.