Cash flow management.

As well as managing your school's cash flow and reviewing your banking processes we can:

  • Save on your day-to-day banking with a transaction account tailored to schools
  • View accounts and authorise payments simply and easily with Business Online
  • Make overdrafts available to help manage cash flow variations
  • Streamline staff expense management with a Business Mastercard®
  • Provide support and products to make and receive international payments
  • Provide special rates for credit card processing and for leasing an EFTPOS terminal.

Smart investment opportunities.

There are also investment options that may be available for your school including:

  • An on-call savings account to earn interest on your school's deposits
  • Term deposits for surplus funds
  • Advice from investment advisers on developing your investment portfolio.

Flexible finance.

We can offer schools flexible and cost-effective finance options including:

  • Loan and interest rate options for bridging finance or longer-term finance needs
  • Up to 100% finance of the GST exclusive purchase price of new capital equipment or new vehicles - using the purchased assets as security in most cases.

Benefits for staff & students.

By choosing to bank with Westpac, schools and students can enjoy additional benefits:

  • Students can learn about saving and managing their money with Westpac's range of workshops, online tools and calculators
  • Schools could access advice, resources and people as a result of our major sponsorships of BLAKE and Westpac Rescue Helicopters.

Things you should know.

Refer to the relevant website pages for detailed information on each Westpac product or service mentioned. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services. All applications for finance are subject to Westpac's current lending criteria, terms and conditions.

The material in this webpage is provided for information purposes only and is not a recommendation or opinion in relation to the relevant products.

Business Lending products are only available for business and/or investment purposes and not for personal, domestic or household purposes.