Equipment finance

Every growing business will invest in major assets such as vehicles, machinery or equipment. Talk to one of our dedicated Equipment Finance Managers and see how you could buy exactly what you need, without waiting – or touching your working capital.

Key benefits

Buy what you need, when you need it

Don’t let your business be held back by a lack of essential equipment or technology. Buy key assets as they’re required, and ensure your business continues to expand.

Westpac NZ helps finance millions of dollars worth of assets every year, with the most in demand including:

• Motor vehicles
• Machinery
• Trucks
• Trailers 
• Forklifts
• Electronics

Minimise upfront costs and spread repayments

• You can apply for finance for up to 100% of the GST exclusive price of the new asset.
• In most cases, whatever asset you buy can be used as security on the loan.
• Spread out the loan over the economic lifespan of your asset, so you repay the loan before you need to replace the asset.
• Keep the cost of finance down through our competitive interest rates.

Two finance options

1. Equipment Finance Loan. This is for sole traders, small and medium sized businesses. It’s a one-off loan for single purchases like a company vehicle or a stand-alone machine.

2. FlexEquip. For large businesses wanting to finance $500,000+ worth of assets. This is a multiple draw down option, ideal for financing multiple purchases like a fleet of vehicles or a number of pieces of equipment. Once set up, you simply draw down on your approved limit as and when you require. Find out about FlexEquip Online, our online asset management solution that allows you to self-manage your asset financed with Westpac quickly and efficiently, providing you with even greater control.

Import Direct service

If you’re buying an asset from an overseas supplier, our Import Direct service can help you manage risks such as currency fluctuations.

• Letters of Credit and import documentation.
• Locking in an exchange rate.
• The loan to pay for the equipment once it arrives.


Meet the team

Auckland & Northland

Brad Kiezer | Commercial Manager – Equipment Finance

Mobile: +64 27 674 9164


Central NI, Lower NI and South Island

Ari Toufexis | Commercial Manager – Equipment Finance

Mobile: +64 21 713 437




Ken Potts | Credit Strategy Manager – Construction Transport & Forestry

Mobile: +64 27 498 8625