5 Jul 2018

[From 6 May 2021, Westpac Pay is no longer supported for contactless payments, it will also no longer be available to download on the Google Play store.]

Westpac One Mastercard debit or credit card customers can now make contactless payments with their Android phones using Westpac Pay.

Westpac NZ Chief Product Officer Shane Howell said Westpac Pay gives customers another convenient option for everyday banking.

“Mobile payments are an exciting, emerging technology that we know many of our customers are keen to use. Westpac Pay lets them take their phone with them rather than a bulging wallet if they know they’re going somewhere that accepts contactless payments,” said Mr Howell.

Eligible Mastercard customers can simply download the Westpac Pay app onto their phone from Google Play, then pay for their purchase at a contactless enabled terminal using their phone.

Westpac Pay has the same level of security and protection as the physical card, and for added security, payment preferences can be customised by the customer to require the smartphone to be unlocked or logged in to Westpac Pay prior to payment.

“It is complementary to your physical Mastercard, so the same rules apply and you can use it wherever Tap and Go payments are accepted,” Mr Howell said.

Payments of $80 and above will require a pin number to be entered into the payment terminal.