Video updates

Bite-sized video updates on the New Zealand economy and markets.

Weekly Economics Video Update

16 August:

Our view that lower interest rates will shore up flagging economic growth might sound optimistic, but it is not. Rescuing growth in this way is going to deepen the imbalances and risks in the New Zealand economy.

9 August:

The latest escalation in the US/China trade war will hurt NZ. The unemployment rate has dropped to an 11 year low, and wage growth has finally started accelerating, but we expect unemployment to rise over the year ahead. And finally, the RBNZ has stunned everybody by cutting the OCR 50 basis points in a non-emergency situation.

Monthly Agri Economic Insights

We hope you find these updates helpful in shaping a view of what's in store for you beyond the farm gate.

2 August:

The forestry downturn has intensified, and that is going to cost jobs. But in the meantime, beef and lamb returns have improved and are expected to improve further.

5 July:

Global prices for dairy and forestry are dropping away, but for beef and lamb prices are rising. Both trends have a wee way to run yet.