Sustainability & Community

When it comes to creating a better tomorrow, it takes a unified vision, unwavering commitment and inspirational leadership.

 We want to be one of the world’s greatest companies for helping its customers, communities and people prosper. Sustainability is at the heart of our culture, and we’ve taking a company-wide approach, developing solutions that contribute to a better New Zealand.

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    Sustainability Performance

    Take a closer look at our full sustainability metrics and how we've performed on our sustainability strategy.

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  • Contributing to our communities

    Contributing to our communities

    We’re committed to supporting our communities through inspiring leadership and supporting those who are most in need.

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  • Raising financial capability

    Raising financial capability

    We want to equip all New Zealanders with the skills and tools to manage their money with our financial education workshops.

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  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Diversity and Inclusion

    Nurturing a diverse and inclusive workforce is a priority for Westpac - and we lead by example.

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  • Environmental solutions

    Environmental solutions

    We are constantly striving to develop economic solutions to help combat the various environmental challenges we face as a nation.

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  • Managing our environmental footprint

    Managing our environmental footprint

    Through the sustainable management of our business, we continually aim to reduce our environmental footprint by making improvements when needed.

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  • How we're tracking

    How we're tracking

    Our performance, awards and reports - find out how we're doing.

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