How to create a COVID Tracer QR Code for your business

Jessica Satherley
How to create a COVID Tracer QR Code for your business
The QR Code poster is compulsory in order to work with the NZ COVID Tracer app

New Zealand’s lockdown 2.0 might feel the same as the first round, but there are some subtle differences – such as the compulsory QR Code poster that businesses must display to work with the NZ COVID Tracer app. 

The Government has now made it mandatory under Alert Levels 2 and 3 for all businesses and services to display the official NZ COVID Tracer QR Code posters in a prominent position at or near the main entrance of each premises. 

So, how do you create an official NZ COVID Tracer QR Code poster for your business?   

Follow one of the options below to create your poster: 


Option 1. Self-Service Website 

If you have a valid NZ driver licence, you can create your own poster through this self-service website.

Each one of your business premises will need its own poster, printed on A4 paper, preferably in colour. 

“Make sure to put your posters on display in prominent locations next to every entrance. If you can, place a poster on the left-hand side of your front window or entrance, with the top approximately 130cm from the ground. The key thing is to make it easy for people to reach without creating an obstruction,” the Ministry of Health says on their website

They also advise not to place the posters on sliding or revolving doors, or in hard-to-reach places that are too high, as customers need to be able to scan the code with the app on their phones. 

To create your poster through the self-service website, you will also need to list each address of each business location, your email address and each email address and phone number for each location. 


Option 2. Ministry of Health Template 

If your business has more than 20 locations, or you do not have a valid NZ driver licence, you can email your completed template to The Ministry of Health.  

In your email you will need to include: 

  •      The name of your business/organisation and the NZBN (if any) 
  •      Address information for each of your locations 
  •      An email address for each location (ie, the person who will print the poster). 

Once you’ve completed the template, send it by email to the team at 

Your email should confirm that you are authorised to request the QR code. Please see the recommended example below: 

I, <your name here>, am authorised to request NZ COVID Tracer QR code posters on behalf of the organisation listed in the attached file. 

The Ministry of Health will verify your identity with a phone call before approving and emailing you the official QR Code. 

Download the template here


Option 3. Register with Business Connect 

If you are registered with Business Connect, or want to register now, you can then generate the QR Code posters through their service. 

If you would like to register with Business Connect, you will need: 

A full instruction guide on how to generate your QR Code poster with Business Connect can be found on their website via PDF.

Displaying the QR Code poster at each business or service location is now a legal requirement, so that punters can scan their whereabouts onto the COVID Tracer app. 

People are then notified through the app if they have come in contact with a COVID-19 case. 

"The ability to contact trace quickly is one of the key tools we have to find new cases and get them in isolation to avoid future lockdowns, so always using the app is a big investment in keeping our businesses and economy open," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said. 


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