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Westpac Private Clients have taken diverse paths to achieve their financial success. We understand this and commit to building lasting relationships that recognise each client's unique requirements, whether the focus is on acquiring property, managing and protecting wealth, or transitioning wealth to the next generation.

Our Private Clients enjoy exclusive access to a world of expertise and opportunity. They also receive an exceptional level of personal service delivered by dedicated Private Bank Advisers who are committed to simplifying and enhancing their client's financial life.

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Our experience indicates that the Private Bank service is of greatest value to clients with personal incomes in excess of $250,000 p.a. or deposits and investments of $2 million or more.

If you think you might benefit from our private banking service we would love to talk.

Financial Confidence

private bank financial confidenceThe strength of Westpac Private Bank combines local knowledge with global expertise. 

Locally, Westpac have been serving New Zealanders for over 150 years, and we currently manage and advise on over $4.5b worth of investments for New Zealand individuals, families, trusts and organisations. 

We’re also part of the international Westpac Group, with over $670 billion in global assets and employing more than 38,000 people worldwide. What’s more, in 2012 Westpac Banking Corporation was rated 20th in Global Finance magazine’s “World’s 50 Safest Banks”. All of which means that when you bank with us, you will enjoy the support of one of the world’s most successful financial institutions.

The Focus is on You


Becoming a Westpac Private Client gives you exclusive access to a world of expertise available only to the privileged few. Your adviser will be on hand, ensuring you are aware of your options and have all the information you need to make informed financial decisions. Supported by specialists covering risk management, foreign exchange, hedging and estate planning, we will help you make the most of every opportunity.

Integrated Financial Solutions

Tailored for you

As a Westpac Private Client you will enjoy customised financial solutions that extend across wealth, risk management and banking services.

private clients solutions

Investment Portfolios

Designed for you

As a Private Client you will benefit from a high quality, comprehensively planned and diversified investment portfolio designed for you. You can also enjoy investment opportunities not usually available to the retail investor. Portfolios can hold a mix of asset classes, managed by specially selected investment managers. We actively manage client portfolios. Our aim is to respond to market conditions quickly to seek to improve client returns by adjusting the portfolio weightings to each asset class where appropriate. The investment decisions we make are within each portfolio’s risk tolerance range. 

Lasting Wealth

Enjoy it, grow it, protect it, pass it on

We have a firm belief at Westpac Private Bank. It’s not just about generating wealth, it’s about generations of wealth. In other words, wealth that lasts. Wealth that looks after your family now and in the future. Wealth that can be relied upon from one generation to the next. Helping our clients achieve this takes dedication and commitment. It also requires astute planning, unparalleled expertise and a long-term focus. All of which you will enjoy as a Westpac Private Client.

private bank lasting wealth

Our Investment Management Philosophy

private bank safe deposit boxesWestpac is committed to delivering world-class investment services. Private Clients benefit from having their money invested by one of New Zealand’s largest financial institutions, providing exposure to a range of asset classes that best meet their financial objectives. We believe that a disciplined and active approach to investing, together with broad diversification across asset classes, regions and investments styles will help our clients achieve long-term growth. 

Specially Selected Investment Managers

In order to provide world-class investment services it is important that our clients’ have access to some of the world’s leading institutional level investment managers. The underlying investments within each asset class are managed by specialist investment managers, selected and regularly reviewed based on factors such as expertise, investment style and track record.

Optimising Your Portfolio Through Active Management

Our aim is to respond to market conditions quickly to seek to improve client returns by adjusting the portfolio weightings to each asset class where appropriate. The investment decisions we make will be within each portfolio’s risk tolerance range. The strategic asset allocation being the long-term allocation to each asset class is a key driver of portfolio returns. The strategic weightings are reviewed periodically to ensure that the mix of asset classes continues to be optimal for each portfolio. From time to time, we implement tactical asset allocation positions (TAA). The objective of TAA is to generate additional value over the medium term by underweighting those asset classes expected to underperform and overweighting those asset classes expected to outperform.

PremiumPlus portfolio management service

The Westpac PremiumPlus Service provides a fully customised approach to building an investment portfolio. Asset allocation levels are tailored to fit your timeframe, risk profile and financial goals (including the design and implementation of a portfolio of investments that comply with Immigration New Zealand’s Investor or Investor Plus categories). PremiumPlus Portfolios can also be actively managed and asset allocation levels can be altered to take advantage of market situations or as your needs change. In certain situations it is possible to incorporate your directly held investments, such as NZ securities, into your PremiumPlus Portfolio allowing you to enjoy the benefits of consolidated reporting and tax statements.

Westpac in the Community

We have a genuine commitment and proud history of sponsorship and community support, including:

Westpac Rescue Helicopters Logo

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

Westpac Rescue Helicopters provide a vital 24/7 service that makes a life or death difference for thousands of New Zealanders each year. And we’ve been a proud sponsor of the Rescue Helicopter Service for over 30 years.

For Everyone Logo

For Everyone Charitable Foundation

Westpac and the For Everyone Charitable Foundation have a shared vision of helping communities reach their goals. Founded in 2009 by rugby greats Richie McCaw, Dan Carter and Ali Williams, Westpac has partnered with the Foundation to help make a difference to local organisations across New Zealand.

Sir Peter Blake Trust

Sir Peter Blake Trust

Westpac is a Foundation Partner of the Sir Peter Blake Trust and we actively support their programmes including Leadership Week, Red Socks Day and Care For Our Coast – an initiative to clean up rubbish from New Zealand beaches and waterways.