Thinking of buying a franchise?

Benefits of buying a franchise may include: 

  • A ready-to-go business based on a business model that has already succeeded. 
  • Use of a recognised and proven brand.
  • Use of a registered trade-marks and other intellectual property. 
  • Training and development opportunities. 
  • Access to experience and expertise of the franchisor. 
  • An exclusive territory within which to do business. 
  • Group buying power. 
  • Greater marketplace presence via coordinated advertising and marketing. 

Some further advantages that may be offered: 

  • A proven business model. 
  • known financial input including initial costs and working capital. 
  • Brand power - a well-known name with a good reputation.
  • Documented system to help you run your business franchise. 
  • Recommended specialists for advice (such as banking, legal or accounting). 

Why franchise?

Using a franchise business model can be a strategic and rapid way to help achieve growth for your own business.

Franchising your business enables you to:

  • Leverage your intellectual property
  • Have the opportunity for quick business expansion
  • Strategically fill any current gaps in the market
  • Make use of opportunities before the competition does
  • Acquire adequate capital and resource provisioning via franchisee involvement
  • Solve personnel problems by providing motivated owner/operators
  • Use franchisees' vested interest to help motivate retail-based business sales.

Setting up a franchise.

If you're going to adopt a franchise business model you'll need to:

  • Carry out a viability study
  • Understand cash flow for a franchise set-up
  • Ensure royalty fees cover the services promised to franchisees
  • Have a business model that maximises the franchise system's value
  • Implement a franchise agreement that allows you to sell (i.e. you have an exit strategy).

Our franchise solutions.

Banking for your franchise

If you want to set up a franchise, we can provide special banking services. These can include:

  • Business finance to buy or expand your franchise, cover cash flow shortages
  • Money management via phone, internet or desktop banking
  • Bank processing of business EFTPOS and credit card payments
  • Retirement planning options including the Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme
  • Business insurance, life insurance, income protection and more.

Joining a franchise

If you're joining an established franchise system and we have a relationship with that franchise we may be able to offer you:

  • Special pricing
  • Discounts for your banking
  • Extremely competitive lending or transactional offerings.

Setting up a franchise solution with us

 We'll need the following business information:

  • A completed customer needs' review - this is a summary of your requirements and current financial position, which will help us to assess your request
  • Cash flow projections for the next 12 months of proposed business - to show us if your business will have enough cash to meet its financial commitments
  • Financial statements - this gives us a feel for the structure of your franchise. It also indicates your financial performance over a time period
  • A short business plan - tells us more about you as a business owner and where and how you'll be operating. See our guide
  • Breakdown of what (and how) you're paying for the franchise - if you're applying for finance, we'll need an outline of any other borrowings you have.

Tips for franchisees starting out.

Meet our franchise team.

For more information on franchises and funding options, you can contact a specific team member. Choose your region. 

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