Transfer your balance.

It’s time to take charge of your credit card! Transfer your balance to a Westpac credit card and pay just 5.95% p.a. for the life of the balance transferred^.

Whether it’s an outstanding balance on hire purchases, store card, another bank’s credit card or a personal loan, you’ll only pay 5.95% p.a. for the life of the balance transferred^.

This special rate is available on Westpac credit cards^ - including our Low Rate, Airpoints™ and hotpoints® credit cards.

How to apply for a balance transfer

Existing customer?

If you have a Westpac credit card, it’s easy to transfer your balance. Just print out and complete the Credit Card Balance Transfer Form, then freepost it back to us.

Or drop the form into your local branch (find your nearest branch here).

New customer?

If you don’t already have a Westpac credit card to transfer your balance to, please apply for one online and complete the balance transfer section under “Debt and Expenses”.

Apply for a credit card

Learn more about our range of credit cards by clicking below.

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Low Rate

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Things you need to know
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How much you could save

Calculate what you could save by transferring your outstanding balance to a Westpac credit card using our Balance Transfer Calculator.

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New purchases and cash advances

You can make new purchases and cash advances on the credit card you transfer an outstanding balance to. Both will incur the current standard purchase interest rates from the date the transaction is made with no interest free days.

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Repayments made will go towards paying off the balance transferred first. Once the transferred balance is paid off, repayments will then go towards paying off new purchases and cash advances.

Each month you need to make the minimum repayment towards your transferred balance, which is the greater of $5 or 2% of your closing balance. If you make new purchases on the card and only make the minimum payment each month, you will incur interest on the unpaid balance.

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Making payments

If you haven’t already, register for Westpac One online banking so you can easily manage your credit card on any device, at any time! Once your card is approved remember to register for Westpac One. Find out more about Westpac One.

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Processing your application

If you’re an existing Westpac credit card customer, your balance transfer application will take 5 working days to process. 

If you’re applying for a Westpac credit card and a balance transfer, your application will take 10 working days to process.

Applications are subject to lending criteria.

More questions?

Email us, or give us a call on 0800 888 111 between 7am and 11pm.