Personal Loans Interest Rates & Fees

We understand that everyone's finances are different, so our personal loan interest rates are tailored especially for you. 

We’ll consider things like your financial position and savings history, your income and your credit history to come up with a rate that's right for you. 

That means if you've got a good financial history and steady income, you could get a very competitive interest rate.  But if your lending details are not as strong, while you still get a competitive rate, it could be a little higher.

Interest rates for your personal loan

  • Our personal loan interest rates start from as low as 13.95% p.a. The interest rate you’ll be offered will be different depending on your financial situation. 
  • We also offer a special School Leaver and Graduate loan interest rate of no more than 14.00% p.a. to all customers who meet the Tertiary Pac, Career Starter Pac and Graduate Pac criteria. 
  • Personal Loan interest rates are floating so may change during the term of your loan - if they do we’ll let you know how much more or less your repayments will be.

With flexible repayment options and no early repayment penalties, there's really nothing stopping you - apply for a personal loan online or call us on 0800 177 277 today!

An additional default interest rate of 5% p.a. will be applied to any balance in arrears.

Fees for your personal loan

Personal loans - Fees
Fee type Fee amount
Establishment and documentation fee
$250 per loan
Loan payment failed fee
$25 per time

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