Personal Loans Advice & Tips

Want to go places, get things, live your dreams? A personal loan gives you more than just a financial boost to get the things you want – it could also save you on interest charges, help you avoid the hassle of multiple payments for various debts, and more.

Read on for a heads up on the things you could do with a personal loan, and just how easy it is to manage.

What do you need a loan for?

Consolidating your debts

Save yourself a load of interest and hassle by putting all your outstanding debt into one loan. Store cards, hire purchase agreements, other banks personal loans, credit cards or even things that were interest free but aren’t anymore, could all be paid off as part of a Westpac Personal Loan with one simple repayment.   

Borrowing for a holiday

Maybe it’s time to get away from it all. A Westpac Personal Loan could help you visit the places you’ve always wanted to go. An island escape, a Caribbean Cruise – you don’t need to keep putting it off. You have up to five years to pay your personal loan, with flexible payment options. So if you can manage a fortnightly or monthly loan repayment – you could be on holiday this time, next week!

Buying a car, motorbike or boat

Before you buy your new car or boat, come and talk to us. We’ll let you know how much you could borrow, and with the bargaining power of a cash buyer, you may just get a much better deal. What’s more, borrow from us, and normally you won't need to use your new boat or car as security for the loan.

Managing your loan

Managing your loan

There are a number of ways that we can help keep your loan simple. We can discuss the length of time you’ll need to pay the loan back, and how much you can afford to pay on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

If you get an unexpected windfall, like a bonus from work, put this towards your loan to pay it off more quickly. In fact, you can easily increase your loan payment amounts at any time because you won’t be penalised for early repayment. 

Alternatively, if you want some additional funds you can apply anytime.

For peace of mind, you may also want to consider loan repayment insurance cover. It’s easy to get and can help to pay your loan should you lose your income.