About our personal loans

Our personal loans are personalised to your needs. Funny that. With flexible repayment options, a competitive interest rate and the option of personal loan insurance cover, whatever you need a loan for, we’ll work with you to find just the right fit. Best yet, we won't penalise you for early repayment. *

Benefits at a glance

  • get what you need now and pay us back up to five years later (or longer depending on your circumstances)
  • flexible loan payment options – no penalty for paying it off early
  • fast application process – we can help you through the process
  • if you are approved, your loan can be in your Westpac account the following day
  • a single establishment fee of $250 – just add it to your loan balance
  • borrow up to $50k unsecured (or maybe more depending on your circumstances)
  • competitive interest rates

Simple loan management

With a Westpac personal loan you:

  • have the flexibility to make monthly or fortnightly repayments
  • can choose your term of payment anything up to five years (or up to ten years depending on your circumstances)
  • can talk to us at any time if your circumstance change, we’ll work with you to see if we can find a solution
  • can apply to top up your loan at any time
  • can apply for loan repayment insurance which can give you peace of mind

Loan terms and conditions

View and/or download our terms and conditions for our personal loan account below:

View and/or download terms and conditions for all our consumer lending products here.

Ready to apply?

If you’re over 18, and live in New Zealand you could be eligible for a personal loan. You should also be an NZ Citizen or permanent resident however, if you are not but are working in New Zealand we still may be able to help.

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