Business Transact Account

With flexible payment options to save your business money, it’s not surprising the Business Transact account is our most popular transaction account for businesses.


Choose the payment option that could save you the most money

  • a simple flat monthly fee for your transactions
  • or 'pay as you go' for each transaction. Each month, we’ll waive the fees for 15 monthly transactions with the highest fees.

Other benefits

  • no fees on unlimited withdrawals from Westpac ATMs*
  • no fees on unlimited EFTPOS debit transactions
  • low fees on electronic transactions
  • optional overdraft to help you with cashflow or unexpected expenses (subject to application)

*Transactions made at other banks’ ATMs will still incur fees.

Bank when you want, where you want

  • worldwide, 24/7 account access via Business Online banking and Westpac One
  • 24/7 account access via EFTPOS and ATMs
  • optional Debit MasterCard** to access your money anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • a personalised cheque book

**Only available for those business customers with accounts where one person can authorise a transaction.

Low-cost and efficient payment options

 You can pay your bills by cheque but we also offer faster, cheaper, and easier options as well. You can set up automatic payments, direct credits and debits and use Business Online banking and Westpac One.

You can make multiple payments via DeskBank, Corporate Online Business Online and Westpac One quickly and efficiently. You can also collect payments via direct debits or EFTPOS/credit card merchant facilities.

Sole Traders: open a Business Transact Account in Westpac One

If you’re a Sole Trader, registered for Westpac One, and with at least one business account with Westpac, you can open a Business Transact account through Westpac One. Just select ‘New account’ from the ‘I want to…’ menu.

As soon as you open the account you’ll be able to use it in Online Banking and via ATMs and EFTPOS terminals.

Login to Online Banking to open a Business Transact account


Business Transact Account - Fees
Account maintenance and transaction fees are charged to your account on whatever day of the month you choose. Any transactions or balance enquiries made at another bank's ATM will incur an additional $1 charge per transaction. Service fees apply.
Fee description Pay as you go option
Monthly fee plan option
Tier 1
Tier 2
Account maintenance fee

$6 per month
$10 per month
$20 per month
Account benefits and relationship rewarding
Transactions not charged for or included as part of your monthly account maintenance fee

Fees waived on the 15 monthly transactions with the highest fees 
up to 40 transactions included per month, then Pay as you go.
up to 80 transactions included per month, then Pay as you go.
Electronic transactions
Eftpos credit transactions, non-Westpac transfers, online banking, phone banking transfers, automatic payments once set up (service fee applies to set up or amend), direct credits/debits, bill payments
Fees will only apply to excess transactions over your monthly transaction limit. No fees on Westpac ATM Withdrawals and EFTPOS debit transactions.

19c per transaction
19c per transaction
19c per transaction
Manual transactions
Cheques, Westpac ATM deposits, deposits and withdrawals at a branch

70c per transaction
70c per transaction
70c per transaction