Bank Accounts

Ready to get all your personal banking sorted? Well, for starters you’ll need at least one everyday transaction bank account, and a savings account to help you get that thing you really really want. They're the basics, but there are loads more exciting things to find, so let's get going!

If you like, let our Account Chooser tool start you off.


Any transaction and service fees on this page are current as at 5 September 2015, and are subject to change. Some other service fees, including overdrawn or line of credit charges, may apply from time to time.

You can get a copy of the current disclosure statement for Westpac New Zealand Limited and any applicable term sheet from any Westpac branch in New Zealand free of charge. Interest rates quoted are subject to change. The above rates are not available to financial institutions. Full details of the terms and conditions are available from any Westpac branch in New Zealand. Interest is calculated on your daily balance, and is paid (less withholding tax) into your Simple Saver account on the last business day of each month.